Tea Cup of Pansies
Tea Cup of Pansies
Tea Cup of Pansies
Tea Cup of Pansies
Tea Cup of Pansies
Natalie Briney Artist

Tea Cup of Pansies

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If you would like to purchase this piece, it is available for sale at Vernissage Art Gallery


20 x 20 inches (51 x 51 cms)


Acrylic paint, pencil, music papers, pen on double inch thick canvas. Sides are finished off beautifully and comes ready to hang. 

Please note the fourth and fifth images are a photoshop  mock up only to show how the painting would hang in your home. 

The word Pansy comes from the French word penser which means “to think” about something. This is why the Pansy flower is often a symbol of free thinking and thinking in general. However, I personally love the Pansy because they look to me like they have smiling happy faces.

My art is textured, often featuring musical scores as a base layer, before painstakingly applying a technique known as pointillism.


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