Testimonal Love

Here are a few messages from some happy customers
Susanne Zerk and here are her kind words -
"I first saw your work through a friend, and I was immediately smitten. We are now the proud owners of three canvases - all different, but equally loved! We just couldn't stop at one!! And, probably won't stop at three.... Thank You for sharing. I don't know how you can part with them!"
Janyce Smith and here are her kind words -
"I am the proud owner of 4 of Nat’s ladies and have had an extra one commissioned to share the love of her work – Nat captured my feelings and colours perfectly for this someone special. Nat’s ladies are classical beauties that evoke serenity and peacefulness with the added effect of a calming influence when being viewed. The vibrant colours are always uplifting. No wonder I love coming home to my “Nat” ladies!!  With each new painting Nat evolves – they just keep on getting better!! Keep up the good work Nat. xx "
Claire Chambers Calvey and here are her kind words -
"I absolutely adore Natalie’s work; it’s bright, original and feminine and I am literally counting the days until I have an excuse to commission another piece. Natalie’s work is extremely eye-grabbing. The first time I saw her work, as part of an exhibition of local artists, I was completely obsessed with owning a piece for myself and sought out her card there and then. Although  she’s heavily influenced by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, her work is still original, creative and intelligent. Clearly she loves bright colours and lots of texture and has a wonderful eye for detail.Honestly, there is something quite special about the work of Natalie Briney and I predict a bright future for this artist".
Tina Gubbings and here are her kind words - 
"I have bought a couple of Natalie's paintings now, which both seem to strike a chord with me. Dealing with Nat is a wonderfully easy experience. She is keen to ensure that you are, and will remain, happy with your purchase. Her speed of delivery and easy manner of communications make distance purchasing easy to deal with. Her art has a wide appeal and she has a very individual style - testament to this is the speed at which her original works of art seem to fly out of her shop. Her paintings make me happy daily!"
 Tanya Harte and here are her kind words - 
"I now own 3 of Nat's Paintings. I certainly won't be stopping there. Nat's paintings are awe inspiring they are full of detail and you can find yourself staring at them for ages finding more and more layers to them that you hadn't seen before. Nat's paintings are not only beautiful but interesting as well. I love the use of different newspapers or sheet music underneath which gives the paintings so much more depth to them. I hope to one day have a house full of Natalie Briney Paintings they are just amazing!!"