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Keshi poppies solo exhibition

Here she is. I'm totally enamoured with her. 24 x 36 inches and she has sold. Many thanks xxx Nat

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Cherry Blossoms solo exhibition Tree

We are up to Number 18! woohoo  "Sakura" or Cherry Blossoms  A work in progress (including my studio helper)     Close up of the birdy      

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Ravyn solo exhibition warrior

No.17 and with less than two weeks to go for my first Solo Exhibition, I'm pretty excited that I am getting closer and closer to my target/goal of 20 paintings. I've been a little slow over the past week. My wrist has been giving me a little grief and it's been so cold where I live, all I've wanted to do is go into 'go slow mode' or 'snail mode'. With that being said, I have another painting as a work in progress, so soon within a couple of days, I should have Number 18 done and dusted. This will...

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Welcome To The World Little One

baby love mother and child solo exhibition

A visual journey of my latest painting titled "Welcome to the World Little One" 20 x 24 inches First layer of papers glued down.   A close up of bub xxx The original painting is not for sale, however if you wish to purchase a print, tote or throw pillow - click here As always thank you for popping by Nat xx

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Bedtime Stories

cats kitty painting solo exhibition

"Bedtime Stories" - 20 x 24 inches - #14/20 - GETTING THERE!! 6 paintings to go...eeeeeepppp in 4 weeks. As always thank you for popping by  Nat xx    

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