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There is no doubt about it. I love Panda Bears. Cute, cuddly, soft, soulful, what's not to love about them.So I put paint to canvas and created another painting including a Geisha and a big ole Panda cuddly bear. "Kuma"24 x 36 inches   This painting will be available for sale at Cafe Lumos, or is available as a print in my Society 6 Shop Thanks Nat xx  

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Free Shipping Over at My Society 6 Shop

Painting Society 6 The Best of Friends

Some of you may know that the original painting for "The Best of Friends" was commissioned for two very special ladies in my life. It has a lot of personal meaning to it, so I won't go into that here. But I did want to say, that I am chuffed to bits to find that this throw pillow is by far the most popular item in my Society 6 Shop. For a short time only, Society 6 has free Worldwide Shipping, no minimum order. Click here to visit my shop -                ...

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Daughter of Winter

Daughter exhibition society 6 winter

I must admit, when I think of the word "Seasons" I stereo-typically think of the Seasons of Nature - Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer. So when I saw that this was the theme for an exhibition being held in Margaret River (Western Australia) as part of the Readers and Writers Festival, I knew I wanted to paint a very ethereal/ghostly type girl, which would represent the Season - Winter. However, there was a restriction. The size was to be no bigger than 18 x 18 inches. Typically I like to work large and might throw in a smaller piece every now...

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