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Keeping On Track

painting self sabotage solo exhibition

After my little meltdown over my self sabotage leading up to my Solo Exhibition (you can read about that here) a great friend recommended an App called Trello, I was hesitant because who needs yet another App on their phone right?? Especially a to do list type App, when you can write all that 'stuff down' on a piece of paper.. but I was finding I wasn't writing it down on a piece of paper and that was my problem.  So I was determined to use this tool to it's full potential. After watching a few youtube videos and Trello's own helpful videos, I...

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A little on Self Sabotage

motivational motivational quote self sabotage

SO I have this big Solo Exhibition coming up in July. And do you know what I realised this morning, that I was self sabotaging and using every excuse and shiny object under the sun to distract myself from just doing what I have to do.... and that's just PAINT!!! How many paintings have I done out of 20 ------> that would be a sum total of 2! Yeah I know, that's a massive shortfall to try and make up in a short period of time. SO NO MORE! I printed this note to myself and blu tacked it onto...

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