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From Start to Finish - Salma and the Hummingbird

Frida Kahlo homage Hummingbird Salma Hayek

Ok so hand up all those obsessed with Frida Kahlo?... **SILENCE**  **SOUND OF CRICKETS CHIRPING** Alrighty so maybe not everyone is as O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with her as me, but I tell you, I just can't get enough of painting her. I'm not past that 'phase' yet and don't really know if I ever will be.  But what I do like to do, is mix things up a bit, whether it's a different background colour or colours. Frida may have a short round face, or a long elongated one. She's wearing beads or loads of flowers in her hair. Her hair is long...

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