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Hug Me Forever

Posted by Natalie Briney on

"Hug Me Forever"
24 x 36 inches

Original is available for Sale HERE or if you would prefer a print, you can find them available HERE

There's no denying that I love Animals... 

And after seeing a few video's on Facebook, that just kept popping up on my timeline, I had to just go ahead and honour the beautiful creature the "sloth"... so gentle and loving and cuddly to boot!! 

Here is one of the video's that inspired me to paint - Hug Me Forever -



and the almost warrior like stripes that I painted on my girl, were inspired by this beautiful photo that I found on Pinterest

 Photo credit by Isaac Sachs

So what's next for me to paint??

Hmmm I recently asked my friends over on Facebook what they would like to see me paint next and I got so many great responses! But what I'm leaning too next is a Pug Dog... then I think it'll be a mythical dragon and fairy. then a budgie.. ahhh good to have so many ideas... wish I didn't need sleep though!

Much love and thanks for reading this far 

xx Nat xx



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