The Guardian

The Guardian

The Guardian
60 x 40 inches


A bit of a back story on what inspired me to paint "The Guardian" ----> I have been ill for a little while now. Several months in fact. After some blood tests, I eventually found out that my body is basically not absorbing Vitamin D... So I was feeling chronically fatigued and battling to keep my eyes open for a good portion of the day. 

So as a consequence, I haven't had the energy to get in as much painting time as I would like and so that wasn't helping my mood either. Because after all painting makes me 'feel' happy. 

So after getting some good quality Vit D tablets, I'm feeling better and getting back on track. Still nowhere near 100%, but getting there. So back to the painting..

Lions.. to me they represent = strength, courage, bravery... but they are also like any other animal and have a hint of softness with a big dollop of love. Especially for those that they love and adore (see photo below)...

Angels... lately I've been drawn to angels. Guardian Angels especially. I would truly like to believe that we all have somebody watching over us and so hence the name "The Guardian".. 

Here are a few photo's of the painting in progress -

First layer of paint

Two layers on and a few dots 

and a few more dots 

You may be asking.. so what's with all of the dots? Other than the texture and amazing feel that they add to the painting, I really wanted to project both the Angel and the Lion as having a similar Aura.. and a red Aura represents passion and energy (too things I had, but was recently lacking in)...

Sorry the original is not available, but prints are available from here

Any questions? Fire away.. feel free to leave a comment below xx


Much love 

Nat xx

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