I am a big fan of the artist Gustav Klimt and in 2012 I did a homage piece to his famous painting "Lady with Fan" (see below)

Photo Credit via Patron of the Arts

Today as I was flicking through POTA's Facebook page and saw this painting, it got me thinking/reminiscing again to 2012 when I committed to doing a painting for my daughter's bi-annual school art auction (funds raised went to different children's charities)... So the pressure was on and I wanted to do a stand out piece!

Firstly, you might be asking well what is a homage? According to Google it is - special honour or respect shown publicly. 

And to me, I could never do justice to Klimt's rich use of colour, or his extraordinary use of pattern, but I was going to instead put my own take on this beautiful piece of work above.

Flashback again to 2012, I was working full time and was limited in time, space and supplies, but I wasn't going to let that stop me... I had a deadline, and I wasn't going to let the school down (insert crazy emoji face here)..... Oh and did I mention I am also obsessed with Frida Kahlo??

So here she is, my version of Lady With Fan. A little bit of a homage to Klimt and a little bit of a homage to Frida..

Please also note that I feel I have come a LONGGGGGGGG way with my art since 2012, however I have to say that at this stage, I was not working at my art every day. So of course.. I hadn't put in the 10,000 hours it takes to have more skill in drawing faces or working with pattern. 

But I like it and I'm seriously considering paying her another visit. What do you think? Are you a fan of Klimt? What is it you love the most about his work? Do you love Frida Kahlo? 

Love to hear from you

Nat xx

p.s. here's a photo of the two side by side


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