My Experience Showcasing with RAW Perth

On Thursday the 15th October, I had the absolute pleasure of showcasing some of my art work with RAW Perth at the Rosemount Hotel Northbridge and I am so glad that I did!

My exhibition space was 1.5 m high x 1.8 m wide, but I was a bit lucky in that I was in a corner, so I had a bit of extra space on both sides of my wall. I had no idea really how it would look once it was put together. I did do a test run before I left home, but of course on the day when setting up, it didn't look like it did at home, so there was lots of last minute re-arranging. 2 hours later we were ready to go! I had to duck back to the hotel, have a shower and be back for my official "head shot" (see below)

Unfortunately I didn't manage to grab a very good photo with my phone of my stand all set up, until later in the night, when it was very dark (even though I used the flash on my phone), so apologies for the pretty low quality photo, but you do get a bit of an idea what it looked like.

A few photo's with my friends who came along from near and far to say hello

I was very lucky to have sold 2 paintings and one wood print on the night, plus had lots of lovely feedback and kind words spoken to me about my art. I feel so very blessed to have been asked to attend and can't thank the lovely ladies at RAW Perth enough for getting me involved in such an amazing event.

So my verdict, if you are in Western Australia, I strongly encourage any one in the creative industry to check these guys out, they are seriously amazing and support what ever creative thing you do!

Thanks to Jason Matz Photography for the photos and the selfie (see below)

as always thank you for popping by xx


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