Moon Dance

So here we are.... first solo exhibition, done and dusted. I woke up at 3am on the Sunday morning, promptly woke my hubby up and asked "what's next"? For which he sleepily told me to "go back to sleep, that's what's next"... haha
I already knew what was next, but I was still coming down from the high of the opening night and processing absolutely everything that I said and did, so sleep was the last thing on my mind (even though I was exhausted). 
Here are a few photo's from the opening night - please enjoy

My sign!! How exciting!!

A Happy Customer!!

Me - towards the end of the night

One of the walls
And lastly below is my latest painting created since opening night.
Titled - Moon Dance
14 x 28 inches


As Always

Thank you for popping by
Nat xx
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