Meet Aurelia... I'm loving her dreamy look and Frida Kahlo'ish mono brow ;-)

she is 16 x 36 inches and is No. 7  out of the 20 paintings I would like
to achieve for my very first SOLO EXHIBITION... eeeeeeeppppppp
and it is rapidly approaching in just 8 very short weeks!!! ............................................ 
Sorry I am nervous/excited and packing myself all at the same time.
pausing for a second to take **a few deep breaths**
AND I'm back...
I have used a few different colours to shade her face (yellows/purples and even a hint of green) and I
am very much liking the look of this new shading. I hope as my work evolves over the next few
weeks, I'd like to slip in some even brighter and more unusual colours for shading.. hmmm a great way
to push myself to grow.
Because it's a little hard to capture the texture/depth and shimmer that is on 
this painting, I have done a quick little video, which I have loaded below 



The greatest compliment anyone can ever pay me is
"I saw one of your paintings and knew it was a Natalie Briney straight away"
As Always
Thank you for popping by xx
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