A tester for Ask Nat?

So just a little experiment for my "Ask Nat" weekly blog posts.

I'm just trialling a little app that I have just installed (see above where the black arrow points down to the two blue boxes) and this app will allow you guys to leave me a question by either voice message or by video message. Pretty cool right!I get that sometimes typing a message can be a bit of a drag, so this may be a little more user friendly and quicker to use. Can also be used on an ipad or smart phone.

and maybe just a little re-cap of what Ask Nat? is...


So it is my intention to do this "Ask Nat?" once a week on this blog, right here...... *fist pump*

Submitting a Question

I want these blog posts to be fun, personal, and helpful!

Please don't feel like you have to be a fully fledged artist, you can be a beginner in your art journey, a total newbie who wants to give it a red hot crack and have some fun along the way, or yep, you can be a fully fledged artist.

I am open to all questions and don't pretend to be an expert by any means. However, I have been working on 'my style' for over 15 years and will try to help in any way I possibly can. But let's also keep it real and sensible, ok?

Please use common sense and show courtesy with your questions, please try not to be spammy, disrespectful, or deeply personal in your questions.

That way everyone wins! Your question, could be what 10 other people are thinking and are just too shy to ask.

So Wedneday 18th February will be my second A to your Q, so please fire away and leave me some comments below  or via the new voice/video messaging app woohoo ----->

As always, thanks for popping by.

Nat xx

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