It's nearly Valentine's Day - So I'm going to talk about L.O.V.E. (and my new painting too)

photo by me, quote by me.
So it's nearly Valentine's Day
and whether you celebrate this occassion or not,
LOVE seems to be at the forefront of most people's mind.
 Mr Hallmark makes sure we are bombarded with constant reminders (from about Christmas onwards).
But to me, in my humble opinion, LOVE is pretty simple:-  
it is about being thoughtful enough to take care of those who matter to you;
it is how we make others feel;
it is about acceptance of the other, no matter what;
and most importantly.... it gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside
So on that note, but still keeping with the LOVE theme, I wanted to share with you
my latest painting.
Some paintings can be a little more of a struggle  for me, than some of the others.
But this one just seemed to flow and every time I look at it,
it gives me that really warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Titled "Mon Ami" or "My Friend"
18 x 36 inches

As Always thank you for popping by
Nat xx


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