Ask Nat? - No.1

Hey everyone and welcome to the first Ask Nat.
Just a re-cap - "what is Ask Nat"? In short, it is my WEEKLY - Answer (A) to a Question (Q) submitted from someone awesome like you!
Ok well then - "why have an Ask Nat"?
Great Question - over time, I have been asked lots of great things like -  what products do I use for such and such a technique; or how do I get a particular texture; what brand of paint do I use etc etc.
So I figured, why not answer all of these questions in one blog post..
Ok so here we go.... the first question comes from Tanya Harte and is:-
hi nat, my question is there a special technique you use to draw the trees?
Firstly, thanks for the Q Tanya Harte.. and here is my A:-
Here is the link to the bottles mentioned in the video. It is NOT where I got my bottles, but they are the same brand that I have used - or here at Jacksons -
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