The Dark Unicorn

The Dark Unicorn

My most recent painting "the Dark Unicorn" was by far hands down the most 'fun' that I have EVER had painting! It also took me the longest, but I totally and utterly loved every damn minute of it. 

And even if I do say so myself, it shows.

So the lesson here:- when you paint from a place of love, happiness, pure joy and fun, you can't help but produce something amazing. 

Below are a few 'in progress' photo's

First layer and sketch

Some colour added

Starting to lay down some of the dots


So what inspired me to paint a unicorn and an angel?

Firstly, I was heavily inspired by this photo that I found on Pinterest

and of course both the unicorn and angel are mystical creatures that both represent magic, miracles, enchantment and innocence.

The original is not for sale as it is going up to the Cossack Art Exhibition, however prints are available HERE

As always

thank you for popping by

Nat xxx


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