Home On My Mind

Home On My Mind

My latest painting is for an Exhibition being held near where I live in June. There are size restrictions and a theme, which for me always presents a bit of a challenge.

The theme being - Home - and the biggest the size of the canvas could go was 20 inches x 20 inches. 

Ok so I didn't want to go too literal with this theme, but I did know that I wanted to do lots and lotsa dots (which is something I've been experimenting with a lot lately in my paintings) and that I did want to experiment with a whole big bunch of hair and use the dots in the hair.

So here we are... Here's what I came up with

Home On My Mind
20 x 20 inches


Because I'm sure whenever you think of the word - Home - you think of Frida Kahlo with a bird house sitting in her hair and leaves growing out of the strands of her hair LOL!

Yep this is the place my mind travels too sometimes.

Lots of love



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